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Heater Blowing Cold Air

When you turn on your heating system, you expect that warm air should be flowing through the vents. If you turn your heating on, and there is cold air, you may have an issue with your system. Several issues may affect the functionality of your HVAC system. The Fan Is Not Functioning If the air […]

Thornton Heating | Staying Warm

People, insects, and animals have been creating shelter underground for a long time. It help protects against the elements and from intruders. In homes today, a basement serves this purpose and offers amusing entertainment. Basements can feel cool in the blazing hot summer months but can be freezing in the winter. Here’s how you can […]

Buying a home is a huge investment, no matter the size or type. This is part of why home maintenance and upkeep is important to most. You want to protect and enjoy your investment, and sell it in the next few years. But, many homeowners make some very expensive mistakes.   Here are four home […]