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Your Indian Creek IL Air Conditioning Company

Thornton Heating Services has a long history of providing installation, repair and maintenance services throughout Indian Creek. The reputation that Thornton has built in the community is based on service and great relationships with top vendors to bring you the best brands. Whether you need a completely new HVAC system or you are simply looking to repair the one that you already have, Thornton is the company in Indian Creek, IL that you can depend on.

Furnace Repairs, Installation and Maintenance

Our service does not stop with heating and cooling systems; we also install and service furnace systems as well. If your current system is using too much gas and raising your utility bills, then you owe it to yourself to look over the inventory that Thornton has on hand for you.

Indian Creek MaintenancePlan Your HVAC System Maintenance with Thornton

After you invest in a new installation or a repair, you need to back up that investment with a maintenance schedule. Thornton has the ability to keep your systems running in top form for much longer, saving you money on big repairs in the future, and keeping you from spending money on other short term repairs.

24 Hour Emergency Service

24 hours a day, seven days a week, Thornton gives you full repair service in Indian Creek. No matter when your heating and cooling suffers an unexpected accident, we will be there to fix it.

Your Water Boilers and Heaters

We save you work by cultivating relationships with the top companies in the water heating industry. Through us, you have access to the best brands without paying a premium for top of the line equipment.

Heating and Cooling Services for Accessories

Your accessories are often forgotten, but not by us. If you see that one of your smaller pieces are not working correctly, you can call us just as quickly as if your entire cooling system imploded. We have the experience to repair and maintain every piece of your HVAC system, not just the big stuff.

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