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Your North Barrington, IL Heating and Air Conditioning

Your heating and air conditioning system in North Barrington does not have to bankrupt you. Thornton Heating Systems has the brands that you trust at a price that you can afford. Along with the best repair and maintenance service, we also provide you with financing plans available with approved credit for any system that you choose. Our customer service is well known to the community, and we pride ourselves on keeping this reputation. You can always trust our highly trained technicians to help you maintain the initial investment that you make in your heating and cooling system.

Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace relies on consistent professional assistance to perform. We help you maintain your furnace with trained technicians and quality tune ups that will keep that day one performance.

North Barrington MaintenanceHeating and Cooling Maintenance Plans

Avoid most of the serious problems with a heating and cooling system with a maintenance plan. Thornton Heating maintenance plans cost less and save you more. Why put the comfort of your home at risk and pay higher utility bills if you do not have to?

24 Hour a Day Emergency Services

An emergency to you is also an emergency to us. Having superior customer service to North Barrington means that we react when you call us, not the next day or the next week. For any emergency, we will send a team of highly trained technicians to handle the problem immediately.

Water Heaters and Water Boilers

Your next water heating system should not cost you your entire budget. Thornton heating has the systems that you need at the price that you want.

Heating and Air Conditioning Accessories

Digital thermostats, purifiers and humidifiers are just a few of the accessories that we will install and maintain for you. Make sure that you call Thornton Heating Services for all of your accessories as well as your main systems.

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