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South Barrington, IL Heating and Cooling | HVAC

Your South Barrington IL Air Conditioning Company – Installing, Repairing and Maintaining

Thornton Heating Services continues to earn the trust of the people of South Barrington because of a commitment to customer service and high quality brands. We install, repair and maintain HVAC systems of all shapes and sizes. Our customer service team is well known to be highly experienced with a great bedside manner. There is basically no downside to doing business with us, especially when you consider that we have financing plans available with approved credit for the HVAC systems in our inventory!

Furnace Repairs, Installation and Maintenance

Keep your furnace as healthy as it can be with a consistent professional maintenance schedule. Although you may feel you are spending a lot of money now, imagine the money that you are saving as you avoid expensive replacements and all out breakdowns of your furnace system.

Your Maintenance Plans

We have many maintenance plans that will protect your heating and cooling system better than the DIY methods that many people like to incorporate. Do not leave the health of your system and the health of your family in the hands of anything less than a professional. We have many different kinds of plans based on your needs.

South Barrington MaintenanceYour 24 Hour a Day Emergency Service

The reason that many people in South Barrington do business with us is because of our 24 hour a day emergency service feature. We pride ourselves on protecting our clients’ HVAC systems no matter what the emergency may be. We find and fix the problem quickly, and we make sure that your home stays clean while we do it.

Your Water Heating

If you have yet to find a water heating inventory that is up to your standards, consider coming to Thornton Heating Services. We have water heaters from the best in the business. You do not have to look any further than our website.

Your Accessories

Finally, your accessories are in good hands when you do business with us. Everything from your digital thermostat all the way to your air filters are protected. We can install and repair virtually any part of your heating and cooling system.

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