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Air Conditioning Forest Lake IL – Repairs, Maintenance and Installation

If you live in Forest Lake, then you know someone who is using the repair, maintenance or installation service of Thornton Heating. Thornton has been a staple of the community with a reputation that extends because of years of experience. Take advantage of the dedicated service that you can receive today with any aspect of your home’s air conditioning and heating. We are here to help.

Repair, Maintenance and Installation for Your Furnace

If you have a furnace system, Thornton Heating still has you covered. There is nothing better than knowing you have a company that can repair, maintain or install a system on your terms, no matter what brands you prefer. Give us a call if you are having trouble with your furnace in Forest Lake, IL.

Maintenance Plans for Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Your maintenance plan with Thornton Heating will be your real time and money saver. The big problems that cause you great discomfort from your HVAC or furnace always start out as little problems. You need a company that knows how to cut these little problems off before they begin to become a real nuisance. Our maintenance plans will catch things and proactively stop the breakdowns that create leaks and warped systems.

Emergency Service, 24 Hours a Day

Forest Lake, IL loves us because of our 24 hour a day emergency service. No matter when an emergency happens, it is always a huge inconvenience. However, you have a company backing you that will ensure your temporary inconveniences stay temporary. We will not overcharge you for these services, either. Call us if you are experiencing an unexpected problem with your HVAC or furnace system.

Boilers, Water Heaters & More

Why spend big money on hot water when you have Thornton Heating right here in Forest Lake? Keep your costs in check while you keep all of the conveniences that you deserve.

Heating and Cooling Accessories

We do not only service your big ticket items; we have full service available for your accessories as well. We pride ourselves on being a truly full service company that can handle all of your problems, regardless of which piece of equipment they occur on.

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