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Mundelein IL AC and Heating

Thornton Heating Systems covers all of your air conditioning and heating needs in Mundelein, IL. From the installation all the way to the maintenance plan, Thornton gives you everything that you need for your interior temperature control. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the area to extend the life of your investments in HVAC systems.

Furnace Maintenance in Mundelein

Mundelein, IL MaintenanceIf you need a furnace maintenance or repair, then you can come to Thornton Heating Systems for everything that you need. If you regularly maintain your furnace, then you will enjoy lower costs over the life of the appliance and protection from large out of pocket costs for big repairs.

Heating Services Maintenance Plan

Maintenance on your heating and cooling system exponentially extends the life for that system. The longer that your system lasts, the more money you save over time. We have priority service for repairs that take place during business hours, and we live to save you money.

Emergency Mundelein Service 24 Hours a Day

Our service technicians have the updated training to think on the fly. When you have an unexpected problem, we will have an answer. Call us for fixed pricing that will never change no matter how serious the problem is, and get your heating and cooling system back up just as quickly as it went down.

Mundelein, IL Water Heating

The water heating equipment that we carry comes from the best brands around. We have many options that give you the chance for savings and discount packages as well.

HVAC Accessories

Not only do we repair your furnace system, but we also provide you with discounted services for your accessories as well. Humidifiers, whole home air cleaning, humidifiers and digital thermostats all help your air conditioning and furnace units work more efficiently. However, it is often difficult to find a company that can repair them – until Thornton Heating Services.

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