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Northbrook, IL Air Conditioning and Heating System

The top brands in the heating and cooling industry do business with the experts at Thornton Heating Services, meaning that you have a central location to find all of your heating and cooling needs in Northbrook. We maintain and repair units in all brands as well as installing them, and we strive for the best in customer service no matter what service we are providing to you. Thornton Heating offers financing available with approved credit for HVAC units as well, so do not let a lack of immediate funds stop you from visiting our inventory – we will work with you.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Do you have a company that you can count on to repair and maintain your furnace no matter its brand or age? Thornton Heating Services is the company that has your back no matter what. Our technicians know what to do because we service all brands of furnace on the market right now. Maintenance is the number one way to save money on the use of your furnace over the long term, as well as keep your monthly bills low.

Northbrook, IL Maintenance Plans

The money that you invest in your HVAC maintenance will come back to you in spades with consistent performance and low heating bills. Thornton Heating Services provides full maintenance services for any brand of heating and cooling system. We also give discounted services, and we have many plans that you can choose from.

Northbrook Maintenance24-Hour Emergency Service

Sometimes problems occur with your heating and cooling system that no one can help. Perhaps there was a serious weather event, or maybe a neighbor’s tree fell on some part of your HVAC hardware. These events are completely unexpected, but you cannot wait when it comes to your comfort. Thornton Heating has on call technicians that will help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Feel free to call us. Our prices are upfront – we will never try to overcharge you just because you are having a bad day.

Water Boilers and Water Heaters

Purchasing a water boiler or a water heater through Thornton Heating ensures that you only have a selection of the top brands in the water heating industry. Maintain the comfort in your home without giving up too much money for it.

Heating and AC Accessories

We have the ability to maintain your accessories as well as your main heating and cooling system. In some cases, accessories are just as important to the quality of your life as the main unit is, and we want to be there to help when it is necessary. We can also install accessories as well, so come to us no matter what you need help with.

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