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Prospect Heights, IL Heating and Cooling | HVAC

Prospect Heights, IL Air Conditioning and Heating System

For years, Thornton Heating Services has been working with Prospect Heights to get all of its residents the right HVAC system. Because of our wide selection and financing plans available with approved credit, many people are finally able to solve the problem of heating and cooling in their homes. We install every HVAC system that we sell, and we also help you maintain them so that the performance that you get on install is the performance that you can count on years from now.

Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Once you have the right furnace system in your home, you need to maintain it. Inclement weather conditions, dust and pet dander can get into a furnace system and affect its performance down the road, and this ends up costing you money! The harder that your system works to condition your air, the more money you pay on your utility bills. Keep this from happening with maintenance services from Thornton Heating Systems.

Maintenance Plans

The discounted maintenance plans that Thornton Heating provides its clients means full protection of the heating and cooling system from any condition. You can always count on the dedicated technicians of Thornton Heating to get the job done in a neat way.

Prospect Heights Maintenance24-Hour Emergency Service

You do not need to have a bad day just because your heating system had a bad day. Call Thornton Heating repair specialists at any time, and you will have your life back quickly. We wear shoe covers during our visits, and we keep everything neat while we fix your system. We also tell you upfront what the price on the repair is, so you never have to feel as though someone is taking advantage of you just because you needed an emergency service.

Water Boilers and Water Heaters

Paying too much for a new water heater is a thing of the past with Thornton Heating Services. Check our inventory of top brands, and get a great solution for water heating without paying through the nose for it.

Heating and A/C Accessories

Even the smallest accessories within your system affect its performance greatly. Do not sell you system short – make sure that you always have Thornton Heating on call for your digital thermostats and purifiers as well as your large HVAC units. We are here to help – we install accessories as well.

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