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You have recently noticed some accumulating puddle of water sitting adjacent to your furnace. It’s quite abnormal that you’ve always associated furnaces with a drying effect rather than moisturizing effects. Little known to the majority of people, furnaces may start leaking suddenly. Regardless of the season, dripping water from your furnace could be a sign […]

The winter season has almost arrived so, Chicago people know to get ready for some bitter cold nights! But taking care of your health in such a season is also necessary. As we all know, when winter is at its peak, a heating system is a must in every home, office, and building. Choosing the […]

You may not think much about your furnace as it kicks on and off throughout the winter to keep you and your family comfortable. But that big hulking unit in your basement has a diverse history, one that goes back centuries. You may have the most modern, bells-and-whistles, energy-efficient model on the market today, but have […]

From strange noises to sub-par heat output, there are many red flags that can signal your furnace is at death’s door. No one wants to think about having to replace their furnace, especially when it decides to die in the middle of winter. However, the reality is, the average furnace lasts between 15 and 20 […]

With winter comes all the headaches that the cold weather induces: shoveling snow, bundling up outside, and staying warm inside. If you have a furnace, you know how quickly things can go south when it breaks down. The air inside the home quickly cools down and you’re left with an emergency situation on your hands. Will […]

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When it comes to your furnace, you can’t be too careful. With regular upkeep and maintenance, you can make sure your furnace stays in optimal working condition to give you long-lasting service through the colder months. Starting now will ensure your furnace is ready to go when you need it. (more…)

Furnace Repair ServicesJust because your furnace runs does not mean it is functioning the way it should. While you don’t want to waste money having a technician come out when there’s nothing really wrong, it is sometimes hard to tell whether a furnace is just getting older, or needs repair. There are some telltale signs that can help you know the difference between normal aging of a heating system and malfunctioning equipment that needs repair.

Telltale Sign #1: Strange Noises

An older furnace may hum a little louder than it did when it was newer. However, if your furnace is clanking and moaning like it might be haunted, or if it whines and squeals like a naughty puppy, these are signs that should not be ignored or passed off as just a furnace getting older. Your furnace is trying to get your attention, and if you wait too long, it may do serious damage to your equipment, which will cost you more money in the long run. (more…)

The Best Resources for Furnace Repair Skokie ILFurnace problems in Skokie are a fairly common occurrence. Your furnace may stop working for several reasons, including a malfunctioning thermostat, broken blower fan belt, or problems with the electrical circuits the furnace operates from. Other common problems include a clogged fuel line or a pilot light that has gone out or isn’t working.

When your furnace isn’t functioning properly, you want to get it working again as soon as possible. There are many options for how to do this. Here are some resources you can use to fix common Skokie area furnace problems that may arise. (more…)