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Why You Should Consider a Furnace Replacement

As the warmth of summer fades away, homeowners are getting prepared for those long winter nights. If you’ve been using that same old furnace for decades, it’s likely time to consider an upgrade. You don’t want to wait until the chill of a cold winter’s night to discover that your furnace has decided to call […]

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Homeowners insurance can meet costs if your HVAC unit suffers damages from perils. Examples of hazards include fire, explosion, falling objects, and hailstorm. However, there are instances that the insurance won’t meet the repair or replacement costs. We take you through what homeowners insurance covers and the exceptions. When Homeowners Insurance Covers HVAC Units Homeowners […]

Furnace Filters

We are all guilty of overlooking HVAC routine repairs, replacements, and maintenance: at least once in our lifetime. You realize that your furnace’s filter hasn’t been checked in ages, and when you finally do, it’s too damaged, and now you can’t install it back. So, can your heating unit run without a strainer?  Technically, your […]

Gas or Electric Heating

Gas and electric heating systems are both good options for keeping your home warm. Gas heating costs more to install but provides inexpensive heat, working best in colder areas. Electric heating has lower installation costs but costs more to run. Gas is the better option for most Illinois homes. At Thornton Heating and Cooling, we […]

You have recently noticed some accumulating puddle of water sitting adjacent to your furnace. It’s quite abnormal that you’ve always associated furnaces with a drying effect rather than moisturizing effects. Little known to the majority of people, furnaces may start leaking suddenly. Regardless of the season, dripping water from your furnace could be a sign […]

A furnace is something your household needs when winter season arrives. It can be a pricey investment, but it is important to keep warm inside the comforts of your own home. Before purchasing it, there are factors to consider in choosing the best furnace fit for your household needs. Here are 3 tips to follow […]

Staying warm and comfortable has been a problem since before fire was invented. At times shelter would be enough, keeping man protected from the cold environment of the outside world. Man could stay cozy and comfortable enough, but during the coolest of times, walls weren’t enough and soon fire was made. Being both simple to […]

Furnace? Boiler? Same difference, right? Wrong. They’re not the same thing, and they have different names for a reason. But what does it matter, you ask, as long as they keep the house warm? Well, it’s useful to know these things in case you encounter any issues with your heating system and need to do […]

  Regular HVAC service can feel like an added expense if you don’t know what you’re getting for your money. You’re not alone. People tend to skimp or completely forego the constant maintenance because they were unaware of the importance of it to their machines. Licensed HVAC technicians would say it’s a bad decision that […]

With another Chicago winter coming up just around the corner, you can almost feel the windy chill when you step outside at night and it can make you think it will not be long before winter arrives in full force. One of the fundamentals during this cold period of the year is to keep yourself […]