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Park City IL A/C and Heating Inventory, Maintenance, Installation and Repair

Your A/C and heating are in good hands when you trust your services to the dedicated experts at Thornton Heating Services in Park City, IL. We pride ourselves on the service that we have given to the Park City community – our installation and maintenance packages are second to none, delivering top quality at reasonable prices. Our repair program is quick and to the point, helping to fix your HVAC and furnace issues just as quickly as they appear.

Furnace Maintenance

Do not pay through the nose for maintenance of your furnace system. Thornton Heating Systems gives you discounted services and special programs that will help you save money. Get in touch with us as soon as possible if you see even the slightest problem with your furnace.

Park City Maintenance Services

The maintenance that you have for your heating and cooling units makes all of the difference in your month to month heating bills and your long term, out of pocket costs for repairs. Reduce both through a dedicated maintenance schedule that Thornton Heating is happy to customize to your specific needs.

Park City MaintenancePark City Emergency HVAC Service

Thornton Heating gives Park City residents a reason to trust us – we provide emergency services with fixed prices that will get your home HVAC or furnace up and running quickly no matter what. We are neat and respectful of your home, using features like shoe covers whenever we enter. Our on site technicians are required to keep up their training, and we vet everyone who comes into your home.

Park City, IL Water Heaters and Boilers

Come to Thornton Heating Services for the best line of water heaters and boilers – products that will improve your ability to increase the comfort in your home without charging you premium prices.

Park City, IL Accessories

All of your accessories are in danger of an early retirement if you do not maintain them as well as your big ticket items. If your whole home air cleaning system, humidifiers and digital thermostats are working well, then your entire system benefits and gives you more efficiency. Give us a call for the best in maintenance and repair services for your accessories as well.

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