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5 Common Myths About Your Home Heating System

December 6th, 2019 by cverdone

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Your heating system is an important part of your home’s environment. It provides warmth during the cold winter months and it helps to keep your home cool during the summertime. While a home’s HVAC system is important, it can also be a source of great confusion for homeowners. Here are 5 common myths about your home that you should not believe.

Myth 1: Using Energy Star Equipment Will Help to Save You Money

Energy Star rated heating equipment is often touted as money saving units. However, this is not the case. Most furnaces created today are highly efficient and use energy wisely. The size of your HVAC unit is also important as well. Larger units will naturally consume more electricity to operate. The bottom line is that a unit’s settings and size is more efficient than its energy rating.

Myth 2: Your Air Filters Will Last Forever

Your HVAC unit’s filters will not last forever and you’re going to have to eventually change them. Filters are important for getting rid of dirt and grim. They are also necessary for keeping gas build up and other waste materials from escaping into your home or ruining your unit. Did you know that if you don’t replace your filter for a very long time that the possibility of carbon gas could escape into your environment? A HVAC professional recommends replacing your filters according to your unit’s maintenance schedule or whenever it gets filthy.

Myth 3: Your Thermostat Doesn’t Have to be Located in the Right Place

If your thermostat is not situated in the right location it could take more money out of your pocket. A thermostat that is placed in a room that is too hot or too cold can give you a false reading about the temperature within your home. If the reading is false, then you will either turn the heat up too high or too low. In the long run this will cost you more money to heat your home.

Myth 4: Closing Your Air Vents is a Great Way to Save Money

Closing your air vents will not help you to save money. Closing your vents will simply strain your heating system. It will force the heated air out through fewer vents and this in turn will put more pressure onto your system. HVAC professionals realize that doing this type of thing will cost you more money and your house won’t receive adequate heat.

Myth 5: You Don’t Need to Have Your Heating System Routinely Checked

If you don’t routinely keep your furnace maintained, it will eventually cost you more money. Routine maintenance helps you to find issues before they become major problems. Regular maintenance will also help you to keep your home receiving adequate heating.

If you have any questions regarding your home heating system, you can contact the HVAC professionals at Thornton Heating and Cooling for more information.