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The Importance of Winterizing Your Home

October 13th, 2021 by Emily Mixter

The Importance of Winterizing Your Home

It is winter, a time when we have to add an extra layer of clothing and blankets. The runtime of the heating unit and the coffeemaker increases while our time outdoors decreases. Winterization of the HVAC and the home, in general, is recommended. Wondering how getting an HVAC professional to winterize your home can benefit you? Check out the great benefits of wintering a home.

Protect Appliances against Untimely Wear

Cold and chilling winter climate pushes the need to use HVAC and AC systems frequently and concurrently. Remember, more runtime of the HVAC system means more wear and tear and reduced system life. In addition, the HVAC and AC units get exposed to the hostile elements of destruction, making them break down frequently and demand more repair time.
By sealing and insulating basements, windows, roofs, and walls such that minimal heat and air escapes from your property, the HVAC system will demand less maintenance and repairs. Besides, through professional HVAC winterization, the HVAC unit won’t have to run longer, which means reducing operating costs.

Prevent Water and Snow Flowing into Your Home

The cold winter weather comes with threats of melting snow getting clogged on your gutters. When the snow melts and water gets trapped in the gutters because you didn’t clean debris and leaves in winter, you’re going to have to deal with extreme moisture and water, which could destroy the gutters or even flow into your home. One winterization trick to avoid such problems is to get the gutters thoroughly cleaned before winter knocks.

Prevent Pipe Bursting

In winter, temperatures will be extremely low, and if your pipes aren’t winterized enough, they may free and burst. The cold weather often causes freezing of water in pipes, which expands it, triggering the potential bursting of pipes. You already know the negative effects of burst pipes, and you wouldn’t want to experience such an awful situation.

The simple yet great way to keep your pipes from bursting during cold winter weather is by hiring an HVAC Professional to winterize them. Start by ensuring temperatures in your home don’t go below 60 degrees. That’s to set the home thermostat above 60 degrees to keep temperatures over 60 degrees. Other possible ways to ensure pipes don’t burst include:

  • Disengage and store piping connecting to the sprinkler system and garden hose.
  • Keep the shutoff valve directing water to outdoor pipes shut.

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These are well-known benefits of winterizing your home and some of the best tips you can observe to keep your home safe before the winter season knocks. Understand that not each of the many winterization methods can work for your home, and so learn to actualize the methods that are well-versed with your home and can work best for your specific needs. If you need any help with winterizing your home, give Thornton Heating Services a call and set up an appointment today!