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Staying Warm in Your Finished Basement

November 19th, 2018 by cverdone

Thornton Heating | Staying Warm
People, insects, and animals have been creating shelter underground for a long time. It help protects against the elements and from intruders. In homes today, a basement serves this purpose and offers amusing entertainment. Basements can feel cool in the blazing hot summer months but can be freezing in the winter. Here’s how you can keep your basement warm for the winter.


Science has taught us that heat rises. During the winter, all the heat will be in the highest level of your home. Cold air can slip into your basement through leaks. Windows, vents, pipes, ducts, intrusions, the rim and header joist are the main culprits. If you repair these areas, the sources of cold air will go away. Address these spaces, and you will not have to rip walls down or pull the floor up to insulate them.


The best, most efficient way to add heat to your basement is by extending or modifying the HVAC system in the home. The HVAC unit already supplies heat to the main levels of your home. You can hire an HVAC contractor to do this type of work for you while you are in finishing mode. It will cost more money to make these changes in your basement if the basement is already finished. If this is not practical, a basement that does not have heat in the winter can use the above suggestions. If you use these suggestions, you can use some basic electric baseboard heating units. Kerosene heaters or even portable space heaters should get the job done as well.
You love your home and want to spend as much time in every part as possible. If you’ve got a finished basement but find it is too cold to spend time in, contact Thornton Heating Services today. Our team will provide the perfect solution to keep you warm in the winter months.