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Sick Building Syndrome

Many things can affect your indoor comfort, including the quality of the air in a building. In fact, poor air quality in indoor locations is often associated with some health issues. Some of these include headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. There’s even a specific term for a link between poor indoor air quality and your health. […]

Summer HVAC Savings

An HVAC system is very much appreciated throughout the year. You definitely enjoy it in the summer when we’re talking about air conditioning. This is understandable when it’s hot and humid out and you need to maintain indoor comfort. The upside is you can still save money with your HVAC system this summer if it’s […]

It is important to have a functioning HVAC system in order for it to heat and cool your home. Proper use, routine maintenance, and fast repairs will keep your system running. Sometimes, no amount of prevention can keep your HVAC system from breaking. One of the issues that can affect your HVAC system is a […]

Better Air Quality

During Spring and Summer, the air in your home encounters more pollutants than usual. Between blooming flowers and spring cleaning, dust and pollen become more frequent. May is right around the corner, and during this month we observe Clean Air Month. Poor indoor quality can affect your everyday life. It is important that you learn […]

Replace Air Ducts

Air ducts for your HVAC system carry heated or cooled air throughout your home. These ducts play a key role in helping various HVAC components function in an efficient way. But, if your air ducts are older, damaged, the wrong size, or no longer easy to maintain, it may be time to replace them. We […]

Indoor Air Pollution

Air quality is something you should think about even when you’re in your own comfy home. Indoor pollution, no matter the source, can affect your health and even your HVAC system. The EPA has listed some common causes of indoor air pollution. We go over this list below. Too Much Moisture You might not think […]

Air Conditioning Unit Costs

It’s easy to take an air conditioning unit for granted. As long as it’s still working, what’s the big deal, right? In fact, many people wait until an old system gives out before calling an HVAC professional. But an old AC unit can be costing you more money than you may realize. It can affect […]

Indoor Allergies

As temperatures increase and seasons change, it’s more common to find pollen in the air. While this can be good news for bees and flowering plants, it’s not such a good thing if you have seasonal allergies. Pollen and allergens can also affect your indoor air quality and cause some symptoms. Keep reading to learn […]

Indoor Clean Air

Indoor air quality refers to what’s in the air that circulates in your home at any given time. It’s something to focus on since you spend a lot of time indoors, especially in the cooler months of the year. This is one of the reasons to consider testing the indoor air quality of your home. […]

Air Purifier

As HVAC professionals, we often get questions about similar-sounding HVAC systems. This includes air purifiers and air scrubbers. These systems are popular today due to the desire to keep indoor air safe and healthy. Purifiers and scrubbers are both used to improve the indoor air quality. But, they are two different HVAC accessories with many […]