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How To Tell If Your HVAC System Has A Faulty Sensor

May 19th, 2022 by cverdone

Faulty HVAC Sensor

It is important to have a functioning HVAC system in order for it to heat and cool your home. Proper use, routine maintenance, and fast repairs will keep your system running. Sometimes, no amount of prevention can keep your HVAC system from breaking. One of the issues that can affect your HVAC system is a faulty sensor.

What Is An Air Conditioning Sensor?

The sensor is a component of the system that measures the temperature in the room. This helps your air conditioning system reach the temperature set on the thermostat. When this sensor is not working, it cannot read the measure of the temperature in your house. This can cause several different issues with your system.

Signs of A Faulty HVAC Sensor

There are several signs that your heating and cooling system may give you if your sensor has gone bad. These signs include:

  • Not turning off. When the sensor goes bad, it might not turn off the system when it reaches the temperature on the thermostat. This will continue to cause your air conditioning unit to blow cold air. In fact, it could run for several hours or more. The room air of your home could even get colder than what you want it to. If you do not address this issue immediately, you will see your utility bill go up. Besides a high utility bill, constant running can do extensive damage to your HVAC unit. This can lead to expensive repairs, or the need to replace the entire system.
  • Cycling on and off. Another sign of a faulty sensor is the HVAC unit cycling off and on all the time. It will turn off at random intervals, and then come right back on. This can damage your unit, increase your utility bills, and be very annoying.
  • Not working at all. In some cases, when the sensor is faulty, it will not read anything, leaving your unit not coming on at all. This will have your house being too hot since the air conditioner will not run.

Causes Of Sensor Issues

The most common reason a sensor becomes faulty is because it has gotten knocked loose. It could also have failed for mechanical reasons. The good news is that sensor issues are an easy and straightforward repair. These repairs are not expensive, and your air conditioning unit will be back up and running soon.


At Thornton Heating Services, we offer HVAC repairs done by our HVAC professionals. If you believe you have a faulty sensor, or another issue with your unit, please give us a call today. We will send out one of our HVAC professionals to help correct the problem.