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Do Fireworks Affect Your Indoor Air Quality?

July 10th, 2022 by cverdone

Fireworks and Your HVAC Unit

More than 10,000 fireworks displays happen across the nation for the Fourth of July. These dazzling pyrotechnic delights do more than impress the masses. They also produce a lot of smoke, ash, sparks, and lingering haze. All these things can definitely contribute to air quality concerns. For Independence Day, we want to talk about how fireworks can affect your indoor air quality.

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Air pollution, in general, affects everyone in a different way. With haze and smoke from fireworks, some people only experience minor irritations. But, reduced outdoor or indoor air quality can have a serious impact on those with health issues. Poor air quality can be especially problematic if you or any of the loved ones in your household has:

  • Asthma or similar issues
  • Heart or lung disease
  • Respiratory illnesses, conditions, or ailments
  • A compromised immune system

Children and the elderly are more at risk to issues with poor air quality. This is especially true when it’s inside the home. Household pets can show signs of poor air quality as well.

How Can Fireworks Affect Your Indoor Air Quality?

Fireworks are a combination of chemical mixtures and volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. The display you see is the combustion of everything mixed together to make fireworks. Fireworks shows include several rounds going off in rapid succession. This results in lingering smoke and other substances that can affect air quality. On a related note, a University of Utah study looked at air quality after fireworks displays. Researchers found that air quality stayed at “unhealthy levels” up to 3 hours after a display ends.

What Can You Do to Prevent IAQ Issues from Fireworks?

Outdoors, you can reduce your exposure to the materials emitted by fireworks. Find a spot to watch the show that’s not too close to where the fireworks are going off.  Indoors, there are some other steps you can take to reduce concerns with fireworks. Besides closing doors and windows, we recommend the following the steps:

  • Running your HVAC system to stay cool inside
  • Installing a HEPA filter or one capable of capturing fine particles
  • Considering a whole-home air purification system
  • Exploring the possibilities with mechanical ventilation. This refers to the combined use of fans, ducts and filters to improve IAQ

An in-duct air tracker is another option to consider if you have indoor air quality concerns. It’s a tracking system that alerts you if there are any air pollution issues. This information can then help determine what specific IAQ issues are in your home.

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A well-functioning HVAC system can also help reduce issues with indoor air quality. These could be due to fireworks displays in your area or other factors. Make sure your system is as prepared as possible to keep your indoor air safe. Keep the air well-circulated by contacting the HVAC professionals from Thornton Heating Services. Contact our HVAC professionals today for prompt, personalized home comfort service.