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5 Signs You’ll Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner

May 23rd, 2019 by cverdone

Replace Your Air Conditioner
The summer months are bound to be hot. That kind of heat can be hard without a reliable air conditioner. Air conditioners actually do two beneficial things for your home comfort. They cool down the air and they remove humidity from the rooms they cool.
Make sure that your air conditioner is best for the space that you need it to cool in the summer months ahead. If you have HVAC and air conditioning problems, find out how a professional HVAC company can help.

Sign #1 – Lack of Cool Air

The first sign that you need to have your AC checked out or replaced is if there is a lack of cool air flow. Limited airflow can be a sign that things aren’t working. When you turn on your AC unit, you should feel cool air within a few minutes. If not, you might have a clog or bigger problem.

Sign #2 – Too Much Humidity

Because air conditioners remove humidity in the spaces that they cool. If you’re dealing with a humid, sticky room then that might be a sign that your AC is malfunctioning. Too much moisture in your home or workplace could mean there is a leakage somewhere in your AC system. This could mean you have a refrigerant leak. This could ruin your AC system or hurt your health if not dealt with soon.

Sign #3 – Something Sounds Off

Like the AC in your car, your home AC might make a rattling or grinding noise right after you turn it on. An HVAC professional should check out any kind of squeaking noise. That is a sign that your air conditioning is on the verge of failing. It might already be failing. In either case, it might well be time for a replacement air conditioner.

Sign #4 – An Odd Odor

Odd smells coming from your air conditioner can be a sign that it’s time for replacement. The heating and cooling parts of your air conditioner can cause an odor when they’re not working.

Sign #5 – Higher Utility Bills

If you think your AC isn’t working and you see higher bills, then you need a replacement AC. The cause of higher utility bills shows your AC unit is working harder to keep your home cooler.
Call Thornton Heating Service to schedule an appointment. Find out more about replacing your air conditioner. Now’s the best time before the summer heats up.