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Why is My Heater Blowing Cold Air?

September 19th, 2019 by june

Heater Blowing Cold Air

When you turn on your heating system, you expect that warm air should be flowing through the vents. If you turn your heating on, and there is cold air, you may have an issue with your system. Several issues may affect the functionality of your HVAC system.

The Fan Is Not Functioning

If the air coming out of your vents is cold, the fan on your furnace may not be turned on. Check your thermostat to see if the fan is on. In some cases, your fan may go out. You will need to contact our HVAC professional to have this fan replaced before you can have functioning heat again.

Clogged Filter

You should clean or replace your filter every month. A clogged filter will not allow air to move through your system. Not only can this make the air cold, but it can also make your furnace work harder. This will lead to more wear and tear of your furnace as well as increasing your utility bills.

Thermostat Issues

When you have cold air coming through your vents, be sure to check on your thermostat. Make sure that it is turned on to heating mode. Check all the setting to make sure that it is working. If you are not sure that the thermostat is working as it should, try several different settings. If they are not working, you will need to call an HVAC professional to help to determine what is wrong with your thermostat.

The Pilot Light Is Out

If your home has an older furnace, chances are that you have a pilot light. Newer furnaces have pilot lights that never go out, but the older models sometimes will have ones that need to reset. If you are not sure how to light your pilot, you will need to call an HVAC technician who is well trained in the field.

Dirty Sensors

Your furnace has what is known as a flame sensor. This sensor will determine whether or not the air is warm. When you have a dirty flame sensor, this will not work as well. It may not work at all if the sensor is very dirty. If you have a dirty flame sensor, you will need to call a technician out to clean the sensor and reinstall. If you try to do it yourself, you may damage important parts of your furnace.

If you are having issues with cold air coming out of your vents this winter, it is important to call an HVAC Professional as soon as possible. Call Thornton Heating and Cooling today!