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“I trust them and feel confident in their knowledge and experience.”

February 4th, 2015 by Darwilladmin

Testimonial Couple

“It was done correctly and that’s really important. They don’t cut corners.”

Adrienne and her husband wanted the very best for their large new home in Lake Forest. They turned to the Thornton team for all their needs, which included a new installation of a fairly large heating, cooling and humidification system and more. In addition, new ductwork and other renovations had to be done in order for the system to work properly.

“All the technicians I’ve worked with were responsive and hard working, plus they always tried to keep my costs down. I’d recommend them to anyone,” says Adrienne. “Once we started the project, we found there was some duct work not properly installed and some other challenges that would make it hard for temperatures to remain consistent throughout the home. They did what had to be done on the spot and kept the project going.”

It was a major project, and Adrienne and her husband were concerned with both cost and quality. The Thornton team made sure all the bases were covered in the most cost-effective, yet high-quality way. The result was a state-of-the-art comfort system that would be much more energy-efficient than what they had previously.

“It’s what we anticipated spending, but we got more than we expected in terms of quality and services from the people at Thornton.”

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