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Testimonial Man

As a long-time customer
on a variety of projects for nearly
15 years, Steven relies on the Thornton
team for new installations, upgrades and
service contracts. “Fred, the owner, is
extremely intelligent and thoughtful. I
trust his judgment and know he and his
team will do a great job for me every time.”

Testimonial Woman

Since her home was built in 1997, Joanne has enjoyed
the experience of working with a trusted vendor in
the Thornton team. “They’ve always been very
responsive and, if there are problems, they come
quickly. through the years, there have been
very few problems, but I know
I can depend on them anytime.”

Testimonial Couple

Adrienne and her husband wanted
the very best for their large new home in Lake
Forest. They turned to the Thornton team for all
their needs. “All the technicians I’ve worked with
were responsive and hard working, plus they
always tried to keep my costs down. I’d
recommend them to anyone.”

Testimonial Family

Choosing a back-up generator can be a complex
undertaking. But when Darlene chose
Thornton, it became a lot simpler.
“They didn’t try to sell us an elaborate system.
Best of all, Nick was so easy to work with
and great to talk to. We felt like
we were having a friend over.”