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National Cut Your Energy Cost Day

January 7th, 2021 by Emily Mixter

National Cut Your Energy Cost Day

January 10th rings in another National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. This day is all about business and homeowners taking a few moments to consider more energy-efficient options for their needs. When you save more energy, it’s not only good for the environment, but it’s good for your wallet too.

Reducing Home Heating Costs

For more homeowners, heating is a big expense in the cold winter months. Every dollar counts when it comes to saving you some money. You can easily increase the temperature inside of your home by pulling back curtains and blinds to allow more natural sunlight into your home.

Consider installing a programmable thermostat. Many of the new smarter home models can make suggestions for increasing your energy efficiency. It’s a good idea to program a cooler temperature in the daytime when no one is home. Then, have the temperature rise just before your family arrives back home in the evening.

Reducing Your Air Conditioning Costs

Another big expense for homeowners is powering the air conditioning units throughout their home. Having a plan to cut these costs is a great way to save you money and show your support for National Cut Your Energy Cost Day. To start, think about your curtains and blinds. Close them up in the summertime to block unwanted heat from the sun.

Make sure that you’re cleaning your HVAC filter every couple of months. Most simply require the replacement of a disposable filter. Others, you can opt for washing by hand. If you’re investing for the long-haul, consider planting some shade trees that will cover many of the windows of your home where the sunlight comes in.

Other Home Changes To Reduce Energy Consumption

There are so many ways that you can reduce your energy consumption. Some are big changes, and others are small ones that can be light on your wallet but good for your soul. Start with the lighting in your home. If you’re still running incandescent bulbs, you should swap them out for the more efficient LED bulbs. Not only do these consume less energy, but they also last much longer. It’s a win-win choice for any homeowner.

Another great way to reduce your energy usage is to wash only full loads of laundry and dishes. Change out the heated air dry function on your dishwasher for letting your dishes sit out in the open air of your kitchen. When the weather is nice, consider hanging your clothes up outside to save on energy costs.

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