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How to Manage Air Pollutants in Your Home

August 19th, 2021 by Emily Mixter

Air pollution is risky to your health and that of your household. It can cause various health problems due to the dust, bacteria, and mold accumulated in some parts of your home. This is why you need to implement various strategies to manage air pollution and keep your home safe.

Open Your Windows Often

Proper ventilation improves air quality and keeps off pollutants that cause air pollution. While you may want to close windows during the cold season, you should not keep them locked all day long. Open the windows often to allow fresh air in. If you do not have enough windows in your home, consider increasing ventilation by adding more and bigger windows.

Ban Smoking

If you have a family member who smokes, it’d be best to ban them from smoking while at home. Cigarette smoke is a pollutant that can lower air quality and cause breathing difficulty and other respiratory health issues. If you experience a cigarette smell in your home, open all the doors and windows until the smell clears off. Remember, apart from compromised air quality. A smoke pollutant can also cause long-life health conditions such as cancer and heart attack, among other severe health challenges.

Clean Rugs and Carpet Often

Rugs and carpets accumulate too much dust and dirt that can interfere with the air quality. If you keep using the rugs without cleaning them, you will start experiencing changes in air quality, which can affect your family’s health. It is imperative to wash your rugs and carpets often. This could be done twice every month or depending on the amount of dirt accumulated. For instance, if you stay close to the road, you will need to wash the rugs and carpets often, unlike someone who stays away from the road.

Bath Your Pets and Keep them Out of Your Bedroom

Pets can be the cause of allergic reactions to some of your family members. You need to be careful about handling them if you want to see the improved air quality in your home. First, keep them away from your bedroom and wash them often to minimize air pollution. Change and wash their beddings at least two or three times each week to minimize allergic reactions. Do not forget to clean the floors after removing pets’ beddings. Let the flow dry off well before spreading the pet’s beddings.

Change your Air filter

The air filters in your HVAC get dirty over time, and this is a common air pollutant that many homes face. Changing your filters will improve air quality and make your home a comfortable place. If you notice advanced issues with your HVAC, it’d be best to contact your HVAC professional to help you check and fix the unit and pollutant issue.

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