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Fun HVAC Facts

October 22nd, 2020 by cverdone

Fun HVAC Facts
Many people tend to take comfortable, climate-controlled environments for granted. Usually, people think about their HVAC systems when there is a problem. The origins of modern heating and cooling systems go back more than you might think. Your HVAC system regulates heat, airflow, and air conditioning of a property.
When it is hot outside, they regulate the temperature by providing cooling. You may not always see the equipment when you enter a building, but you are likely to feel its effects. Here are some interesting facts about an HVAC system.

The First Residential HVAC System Installed in 1914

The first type of HVAC equipment was first introduced in 1902. They developed large residential HVAC units over a decade later. They measured 20 feet long, about 6 feet wide, and more than 7 feet high. Homeowners were still willing to spend up to $50,000 to buy them. Only wealthy homeowners could afford the units at the time.

The White House Installed an Air Conditioner in 1929

Herbert Hoover was the first U.S. president to enjoy air conditioning in the White House. His government spent about $30,000 on HVAC system installation.

Closing Air Vents Doesn’t Always Lower Electricity Bills

You may think you can save money on electricity bills if they close the windows in rooms that aren’t often used. This is a myth. Doing this can result in reduced efficiency and higher monthly bills. Also, when you close the air vents, there is more pressure on the air conditioner’s compressor. This may cause the equipment to breakdown.

Summer Blockbuster: Attracting Customers Using Air Conditioners

Movie theaters installed HVAC systems in their buildings to attract more people. This worked well, as many people enjoyed the cool climate in there. The number of moviegoers increased during the warm months. As a result, most theaters showed popular films during the summer.

Air Conditioners Improved Productivity

Before modern HVAC systems, companies let employees take time off in the warm months. This led to reduced productivity. Air conditioning installation enabled the employees to work year-round.

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