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Best Heating System for Your Home

November 14th, 2019 by cverdone

Best Heating System for Your Home
When the cold winter roll around, you’ll need a heating system to keep your family comfortable. With so many advancements in heating, there are more choices than ever before. Some of the most popular HVAC systems include furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps.


Furnaces are a very popular home heating system. They blow the hot air through your home’s ventilation or duct system. You’ll see these called forced-air heating systems by many companies. Furnaces can use many different types of fuel. These include oil, electricity, and natural gas.
When it comes to furnaces, their price will vary. It will depend on the square footage that you need to heat and the fuel rates for the type of fuel that you’ll need. Furnaces are nice because you can retrofit them to your home. If you have an existing furnace, you can make it more energy efficient by upgrading your system.


Boilers are also known as radiant heating systems. This type of system heats air in the boiler until it turns into steam. The steam is then goes through your system to provide heat. Much like a furnace, boilers use electricity, natural gas, and even propane.
Instead of forced-air produced by a furnace, boilers use radiant heating to heat rooms. These include baseboard heaters, aluminum panels, and traditional radiators. These systems can attach to the walls or ceilings throughout your home. Due to their ability to control each room, boilers tend to be popular to heat their homes during the winter.

Heat Pumps

These are a newer HVAC system that utilizes the natural environment to heat your home. A heat pump has a refrigerant that allows it to absorb heat from an outside source. This could be the ground, air, or a body of water. Once it heats the refrigerant, an exchanger moves the heat into your home.
We recommend this system if you are looking for an energy-efficient heating system. Heat pumps are great for those who live in an area with temperate climates. There are still some government tax breaks that can help you to afford this type of home heating system.

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