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The Benefits Of Upgrading My Thermostat

August 1st, 2017 by cverdone

Smart Thermostat
Why do we need to upgrade our thermostats? What are the benefits that we can get if we do so? How does a programmable thermostat help us save a lot? As we know, thermostats have a very important role in our HVAC system. Aside from regulating the temperature, it also maintains it to our desired set-point.
Upgrading our thermostats help us save on energy bills and increases HVAC efficiency. Upgrading our thermostats will give us the following benefits.

Compatible with Zoning System

Zoning systems lets you to set your temperatures at different sections of your house. This is all according to your needs or occupancy. If you have a zoning system, it is more efficient with programmable thermostats. This is because it is most compatible with it. Together with the new thermostat, the zoning system lets you have more control on your home’s climate.

Convenient Access to Data

Advanced thermostats will provide you with important information. System alerts, reminders, and more can all come from advanced thermostats.  Aside from those alerts, you can access programmable thermostats using your mobile app. You can have full control over it wherever you are! Older units will only be able to tell you the temperature information or if it is on or off.

Smart Automation

Another modern thermostat feature is that they do not limit the temperature adjustments. It also doesn’t turn it on and off. They have a smart automation feature. This allows them to shift temperatures and can use preset timed settings. Some programmable thermostats even have a “hold” feature in them. This is especially useful when you are on vacation.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

A programmable thermostat allows you to increase your savings. At every degree you change in your thermostat, you save 2% on your energy bill. It has the ability to track the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Because of this, they can manage your comfort and energy usage better.

Environment- Friendly

Besides making our lives easier, a programmable thermostat also helps the environment. It does not use mercury. This makes it non-toxic and less harmful to both our health and environmental health. Apart from that, since it has the ability to reduce energy usage, you are able to help conserve energy.
Upgrading to programmable thermostats make your life convenient. They also help a great deal in saving you more by reducing your energy costs. With a programmable thermostat, you can go anywhere you want worry-free. Most of all, you get to enjoy life and at the same time save your environment.
Do you have questions on why you should upgrade your thermostats? Do you want to learn more about the benefits you’ll gain from it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Call Thornton Heating Service at (847) 905-1608 and find and we’ll definitely assist you in any way we can. And if you are in Chicago, you’ll have the opportunity to use our excellent HVAC services!