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7 Questions To Consider When Buying An HVAC System

September 1st, 2017 by cverdone

HVAC Repair
There are some things you need to consider before buying an HVAC system for your home. Your home is an important investment. You have to consider the things in it. This includes the long term usage to keep your family comfortable. To make sure that you get the best among the rest, consider these questions before you buy.

What is the Best Size That Fits?

Finding the best HVAC unit size includes looking at the size of your home and a typical day in your home. If the unit is too big, you will not have an energy efficient system. A professional will know the best size HVAC unit for your home.

What New Technology is Necessary?

A lot of new technology helps to make your home more comfortable. They can also help you save money. There are a lot of technologies to consider. Variable speed motors is one of those. They operate 24 hours at a slower speed and only increases when necessary. There are other technologies perfect for quiet operation.

Which Air Conditioning System Should I Choose?

A split air conditioning system is the most common. This system consists of two units. One unit sits outside while the other one is in the inside. They communicate through coolant lines. The packaged system is inside. The best type would depend on the home style and size.

What Are the Compatible Types of Filters for the Unit?

There are a lot of air filters available. Choosing the right one might be tricky because of the different options. There are the disposable ones. You need to replace these every few months. You can also use permanent or semi-permanent filters that doesn’t need a replacement. You will have to clean these often, though.

What Should You Consider in a Maintenance Program?

To track the life of the unit, have an HVAC maintenance plan. This will help you save money and prolong the life of your system. This includes a visit of an HVAC technician twice a year. They often come once in the Spring and once in the Fall. It is better to hire the same company that installed your HVAC for your maintenance.

What is the Duration of the Installation?

It is important to have a time-table for the installation to take place. Inquire on your HVAC technician how long it will usually take to install the units you decided to choose. They will definitely give you the best option.

What is the Best Thermostat for the Unit?

It would be beneficial if you’d choose a programmable thermostat. Thermostats also work fine on the most compatible unit. Consult an HVAC technician for a recommendation. Make sure they can teach you how to use it after the installation.
To find which system is right for you, call the professionals at Thornton Heating Service. We can help you decide which unit is best.