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4 HVAC Tips For Pet Owners

October 15th, 2018 by cverdone

Thornton Heating HVAC Pet Care

Having pets is great. They keep you company, improve your overall mood, and teach your children about responsibility and discipline. For those who are seriously ill or impaired, they have service animals to assist them in their conditions.

Unfortunately, your furry friends may also affect your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System. Their presence means more particles that may be picked up by your system and is harmful to both your family and your equipment.

Upgrade Your Filters

There is such a thing as dander, which are flakes of skin that sheds from an animal. These things can contaminate the air and can stay airborne for hours. It also has the chance of being sucked into your system, but fortunately, filters can keep them out. You can’t just settle for any though.

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is a means of classifying filters and how effective they are in capturing dirt, dust, and debris. The lowest and least capable would be given a MERV rating of 1, and the best would be given a MERV rating of 20 which are commonly used in medical settings or manufacturing facilities for sensitive products.

The least you can have, to cater to animals, would be a grade of 8. Lower than that and it might not perform so well. Keep note that your hardware must be powerful enough to accommodate your high rated filters.

Frequently Change Filters

Having pets increases the number of particles in your residence, so your filters will reach its limit faster than average. The more creatures you have, the more frequent you’ll be changing them. A dog or cat means you have an interval of 60 days for every replacement. If you have more than one pet that time could be reduced to 20 to 45 days.

Don’t ignore this because filters that have reached their threshold can damage your HVAC in the long run. You could be setting yourself up for regret as you’ll be having repeated repairs instead of filter changes. So choose wisely which you want.

Take Care Of Your Pets

Proper care of your pets not only keeps them healthy and happy, but it also reduces the number of skin flakes that they shed. Make sure you feed them nutritious food.

Grooming is also much more than just keeping their coat in good shape, but it also reduces the dander that they produce and takes out ones that are loose before they invade your living space. See to it that you do this outside of your home.

Regular Maintenance And Cleaning

With or without a pet, this is still an integral part of keeping your heating and cooling system in good shape, but having pets makes this even more important to do. Make sure you’ve scheduled your routine maintenance and cleaning session with a professional. Book them early to avoid having to compete with other clients during peak season.

There’s nothing wrong with having an additional member to the family. Just see to it that you secure the quality of your HVAC even with them around. Remember that those who benefit from your system will be your pets and loved ones anyway. Regular servicing is the first step. Schedule it with a trusted company like Thornton Heating. Call us at (847) 905-1608, and we’d be happy to help.