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Types of Pollen and Their Effects On Indoor Air Quality

March 13th, 2023 by eshoop

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With spring approaching, you may start to notice that yellow powder on top of everything. For people who suffer from allergies, it is the bane of their existence. Pollen will get everywhere. All over your car, all over you, and of course all over your home. It will not take long for your indoor air quality to become compromised due to pollen.

Types of Pollen

There are many different plant species that release pollen. These include:

  • Trees. These will be among the first that release their pollen this spring. The most common to be allergic to are oak and birch trees. But, all the other tree species can release their pollen into the air. If you suffer from allergies, you will be dealing with the symptoms.
  • Grass. Grass pollen will start releasing soon after the tree pollen. Some people are not that allergic to grass pollen, while others will be sneezing for weeks.
  • Ragweed. The ragweed plant is one of the most common plants known for allergies. These release their pollen in the hot summer months and can infiltrate your home.
  • Flowers. If you have a lot of flowers around your home, their pollen can compromise your indoor air quality.

Investing in a Quality Air Filter

The best way to protect against all types of pollen is to ensure that your HVAC system has a quality air filter. There are many different types of air filters out there. You will want to ensure that your filter fits your system well. If you are not sure of the size or quality filter that you need, contact your local HVAC professional.

Getting a quality filter will help to protect you from all the types of pollen out there. If you do not take care of your filter, you are not going to have much improvement in your indoor air quality. You will want to ensure that you change the filter often, especially during the spring.

Some people opt to get a washable filter. A washable filter is ideal for people who suffer from severe allergies. For severe allergy sufferers, they will want to wash the filter out every couple of weeks. This is especially true on high pollen days.

What Else You Can Do

To protect yourself from all types of allergens, get regular HVAC maintenance. This will especially help with pollen. A licensed technician will come out to ensure that your system is running. They will check that there are no holes or issues with your ductwork.

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