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How To Increase Your Home’s Humidity This Winter

December 14th, 2021 by cverdone

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Many people look forward to beautiful snow that the winter season produces. People don’t tend to look forward to the chapped lips and itchy skin that comes with winter weather. The reality is that you can cut out some of these winter issues by increasing the humidity inside of your home.

The Benefits of Higher Indoor Humidity in the Winter

You’re likely familiar with keeping humidity out of your home in the summer months. In the winter, you should work to keep your humidity inside the home. This will help to keep your skin hydrated so that you feel comfortable and not itchy. It will reduce static electricity and prevent your wooden furniture from warping. You can also better control the number of allergens in the air inside of your home.

Install a Humidifier

One of the costlier ways to enhance the humidity level inside of your home is to install a humidifier. You can install many single-room humidifiers throughout the main rooms of your home. You can also opt for adding a whole-home humidifier. Position these with your existing HVAC system for the best results. The second option will need an HVAC professional to get it installed.

Leverage Shower Steam

You likely turn on your built-in bathroom fan to remove excess moisture in your bathroom. This is a great idea in the summertime to keep your home feeling comfortable, but not in the wintertime.

During the colder months of the year, you should consider using that steam. You can use it to release moisture throughout your home. You can open the bathroom door as you shower instead of using the bathroom fan. You could also use a stand-up fan afterward to blow that humid air into the other areas of your home. Use that steam to help to drive up the humidity level inside of your home.

Hang-Dry Your Clothes

A great way to save money and get more moisture into your indoor air is to hang-dry your clothes. As soon as they’re done getting cleaned in the washer, hang them up inside of your home. Consider installing laundry holders in highly-trafficked locations. These are best used in your bedroom where they can use the excess humidity.

Use Your Stovetop Steam

Another great way to get more moisture into the air of your home is to use the steam that comes off of your stove. Instead of turning on your kitchen exhaust fan, let that steam stay indoors. Boiling a pot of water a couple of times a day can allow moisture to enter the air. This also enhances the humidity level throughout your home.

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If you want more humidity in your home this winter season, be sure to contact our HVAC professionals. They can add a whole-home humidifier to your existing HVAC system. We want to ensure your family stays comfortable throughout this upcoming winter season.