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How to Choose the Right Thermostat

August 24th, 2015 by Darwilladmin

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One of the most important parts of an HVAC system is the thermostat. The thermostat helps you control the temperature of the entire house or individual rooms (depending on the model) so that you can easily maintain the temperature you crave. A good thermostat can also save you a lot of money.

If you would like to find the perfect thermostat for your home or office read all the tips listed below…

1. Assess your needs:

Before you decide on a thermostat type or model, you need to first assess your HVAC equipment and the behavior of the occupants.

Start off by making a note about your HVAC equipment. Check what types of furnace you use i.e. is it electric, gas or a boiler. Next assess your air conditioner and make a note of its type too. Also check the brands of the HVAC systems.

After that you should asses yourself and the other people living in the house to see what type of thermostat would suit you all.

2. Find a thermostat type:

Once you finish assessing your equipment and yourself you will have a good idea about the thermostat type you need. Begin looking for it. This should be done even before you decide on a brand.

There are mainly 3 types of thermostats…

A) Manual Non-Programmable:

Have you ever come across those simple thermostats with a dial or slider that needs to be manually moved in order to adjust temperature? These are called manual non-programmable thermostats.

B) Digital Non-Programmable:

These thermostats have a modern look with their digital features, but they aren’t programmable and the temperature needs to be set manually too.

C) Programmable:

Programmable thermostats can be set to automatically change temperatures at different times of the day. They can also vary temperatures depending on whether people are home or away. They cost more, but they can save you more money.

3. Choose the brand:

After you decide on a type you should find a brand that offers it. The best option is to settle on a thermostat brand that is the same as your HVAC equipment. Only do this if you find a model that offers everything you are looking for.

After you find the perfect thermostat it is time to install it. Contact us at Thornton Heating as we can help you with this step. You can also contact us if you have questions about finding the correct thermostat.