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Can HEPA Filters Remove Mycotoxins?

January 5th, 2023 by eshoop

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You tend to spend more time indoors during the winter months. During this time, the quality of the air inside your home is more important than ever. If you have nasty mycotoxins in your indoor air, it can lead to a plethora of health issues for your entire family. Understanding what these harmful toxins are and how to remove them from your home is a necessity. You need to keep your family safe and healthy.

What are Mycotoxins?

Most people are familiar with the fact that mold releases mold spores into the air. This can cause allergy and sinus flare-ups. But certain species of mold, like black mold, can release toxic substances into the air. These are often known as mycotoxins. These unwanted substances will alter the quality of the air inside your home. They will also cause significant health problems for your family.

What are the Symptoms of Mycotoxin Exposure?

A person’s symptoms from mycotoxin exposure will vary depending on some factors. This can include the person’s age, their allergies, and their exposure level. You can have mycotoxins exposure via inhalation, skin contact, or even ingestion. Some of the most common symptoms that people experience include:

  • Fatigue
  • Skin Rashes
  • Wheezing
  • Sinusitis
  • Runny or Blocked Nose
  • Water, Red Eyes
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Malaise
  • Sore Throat

If you have these symptoms of mycotoxin exposure, see a medical professional.

How to Remove Mycotoxins From Your Indoor Air?

When you first learn about mycotoxins, the first thing that you want to do is ensure that your home doesn’t have any. One of the best ways to prevent mycotoxins is using a HEPA filter for your HVAC system. Most HVAC filters don’t have the capacity to remove these very small mycotoxins. In fact, they tend to go right through traditional HVAC filters. Then they recirculate over and over again throughout your home.

HEPA air filters can capture much smaller airborne particles, like mycotoxins. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air filter. The HEPA filter is often used in medical facilities throughout the country. This is due to its ability to remove many harmful airborne contaminants. While HEPA filters are more expensive than others, they’re well worth the investment. Make sure to check your HEPA filter every month. Replace it when necessary for optimal indoor air quality.

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