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A/C Tips for Pet Owners

May 10th, 2021 by cverdone

Thornton Heating HVAC Pet Care
Having pets in your home can provide you with a great sense of companionship. Your pets can also cause some problems with your HVAC system. As a homeowner with pets, it’s important that you practice these helpful tips. Make sure to protect your HVAC air conditioning system and your family.

Brush Your Pets Often

The hair and dander from your pets can be a big problem for your air conditioning system. Loose hair from your pets can get clogged in your air conditioning filter. It can also get stuck throughout the ductwork in your home. When this happens, allergens can re-circulate in your home when you run your system. This can lead to allergy flare-ups thanks to these allergens and dander from your pets. To prevent this issue, you should consider brushing your pets each day.

Change Your HVAC Filters Monthly

Many HVAC professionals will recommend changing your air conditioning filter every three months. This helps to remove unwanted allergens. But, that’s not going to suffice for those homeowners who have pets. Pets can cause your HVAC air filter to clog up with unwanted allergens sooner. This means you need to check your air filter for allergens every month. If you can no longer see through the air conditioning filter, it’s time for a new HVAC air filter. If you have trouble with allergens with your current filter, we can help you find a better one for your needs.

Sweep Your Air Conditioning Vents

The hair from your pets and unwanted allergens can get trapped in the vents in your home. It’s a good idea to vacuum out these HVAC vents once a week to remove unwanted allergens and hair from your pets. If possible, you should pull the vent out. Use your vacuum to remove allergens from the ductwork that you have access to. By doing this once a week, you can limit the allergens and hair from your pets that enter your HVAC ductwork.

Get Annual Maintenance By An HVAC Professional

Have your HVAC professional at least once a year to go over your entire air conditioning system. They can check the internal components of your HVAC system. They will perform the needed maintenance to keep it running. When you schedule your annual maintenance, have your HVAC professional clean your ductwork. Your HVAC professional will remove pet hair and unwanted allergens from your ductwork. This is so that these allergens don’t re-circulate throughout your HVAC system. A professional has the equipment to reach spots of your ductwork that you can’t reach with a vacuum.

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