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5 Things You Can Do to Maintain Your HVAC System

January 15th, 2017 by Darwilladmin

AC Preventative Maintenance

There are reasons why we take care of the things in our home and all the other material things we invest in. It is because these systems, like our HVAC and other home appliances make our lives convenient, comfortable, and protect us from the harsh weather. Moreover, they will increase or maintain their value if these are properly maintained.

You should take seriously the maintenance of your air conditioning and heating system. After all, you need to keep it running most, if not all of days of the year. It can also help avoid unexpected emergencies related to health and home maintenance.

Below are five simple tips to help you in your HVAC maintenance routine:

1. Spray water to the outside of your condensing unit

Most air conditioning systems have heat pumps sitting outside. This usually has a fan on top  of it with the purpose to disperse and release heat during summer. The fins, which are made of metal, on the condensing unit would normally  get blocked up with grime, pollen, dirt and other types of debris.

Spray the outside of the unit with a water hose occasionally or during peak usage times to keep dirt away. Just make sure not to use a pressure washer. This can potentially and maybe permanently destroy the unit.

2. Change Your Filters

Filters need to replaced. That’s fact. So if you haven’t done it in a long time, it’s high time for you to do so. These filters keep your system working and the air clean. They take out the particles from the air indoors. The goal is to change them every month, or at least once every 6-8 weeks. But this also depends on the system and what type of filter it utilizes. 

If you have pets, or allergic family members, you may need to replace more your filters more often than recommended. Pet hair can build up at surprising rates. And anyone with allergies or respiratory conditions such as asthma needs clean air to remain healthy.

3. Check the drain pipe and the drain pan

You need to clear out the drain pipe as there may be some form of blockage that builds up on there. It’s normally mold and algae, and these are never good for your health and for all people living in your home. You can use a vacuum, that is wet-dry type. This can help suction out the blockage. You can also make use of bleach.

4. Keep areas near your system debris-free

Debris that gets clogged up in your system or the your fan outside can damage it. At first, it will freeze or malfunction. But if you don’t clean and maintain it regularly, you can expect it to get damaged permanently. Make sure that leaves, twigs, overgrown vegetation and other types of debris don’t get caught up in your outdoor unit.

This interference will block airflow. Always make sure to keep the area of your outdoor unit clean. It will save you lots of repair calls and repair fees.

5. Call the experts from Thornton Heating for maintenance

Only licensed professionals should inspect and maintain your system. You risk more headaches if you entrust your heating and cooling systems to those who won’t be able to fix them correctly. It is imperative to have preventive maintenance at least once a year or twice annually.

Doing all of these tips will save you a lot of time and money through the life of the system. Moreover, with proper maintenance and a checks from the professionals at Thornton Heating will help you catch potential issues with your HVAC system even before they start to affect performance and efficiency.

If your HVAC system needs servicing, or if you are thinking of taking on a big project by yourself, contact Thornton Heating Services online or call 847-905-1608. We always have great money-saving specials going on, so check them out! From heating and cooling to air quality and beyond, Thornton Heating Services does it all and has been helping Chicagoland residents since 1959.