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air conditioningIt’s summer air conditioning season, and lately there have been some problems with the way your central air system runs. It’s sometimes difficult to know when to spend money on another repair and when it’s time to just purchase a new unit. Here are some reasons to decide that a new unit is really what you need.

Reason #1: Old Age

Air conditioning units more than 10 years old are far less efficient than their newer counterparts and may be costing you more on your utility bills than a new unit would cost over time. An Energy Star-rated unit can save you up to 30% on your cooling costs every year.

Reason #2: Frequent Repairs

If you have had repairs done but the unit still doesn’t seem to work correctly, or if a technician is telling you that costly repairs are necessary for correct functioning, a new unit will give you peace of mind and guarantee that you won’t be paying for one repair after another.

Furnace efficiency tipsDid you know that there are things you can do to improve the efficiency of your furnace? Taking steps to help your furnace work more efficiently will cause it to use less fuel and electricity to run, which will save you money during winter heating season.

Here are Top 5 Furnace Efficiency Tips for greater furnace efficiency:

1) Change the furnace filter at recommended intervals

A basic furnace filter will need to be changed every 30 days, or about once a month. Some replaceable filters last up to 90 days, and whole home air purification filters may only need changing every six months to a year. Running your furnace with a dirty filter not only circulates dirtier air through your home, it also causes your entire system to work harder to move the air through the filter, making it more costly to operate. (more…)