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Why Your AC Unit Needs End of The Summer Maintenance

September 30th, 2016 by Darwilladmin

As we look head into fall, it’s important not to neglect end of summer maintenance duties around the home. A big task is to shut down your air conditioning unit until next spring. Time to open the windows and let the natural air flow in until you begrudgingly turn the heating system on! Whether you have a window unit or a central unit, there are certain things you should get done to ensure it operates with no problem come spring. Here are some top 3 benefits of end of summer maintenance programs.


Without a proper cleaning every once in awhile, dust, dirt, leaves and other debris can slow down the performance of your unit. When that happens, it has to work even harder to cool your home, wasting energy and money. One thing you can do on your own is to change your filter regularly, according to manufacturer specifications. Slash your energy costs by 15% when you replace those clogged, dirty filters that block normal airflow. Filters may need to be changed more frequently when the air conditioner is in constant use, subjected to dusty conditions, or if there are pets in the house, says


Taking the same care of your AC as you do your vehicle (changing the oil, taking it in for service calls) is a wise move. The principle is the same. If you don’t give it some TLC, it will break down more readily, costing you cash for parts and labor that you could easily keep in your pocket. When you hire a trusted HVAC technician to maintain your system, you can expect him or her to:

  • Clean out debris
  • Change filter
  • Unclog condensate drains
  • Inspect electric terminals; clean and tighten connections
  • Comb aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils
  • Remove window units
  • Cover outdoor units
  • Evaporator coil and condenser coil cleaning
  • Test for refrigerant leaks
  • Capture refrigerant that must be evacuated from the system
  • Check for and seal duct leakage in central systems
  • Measure airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Verify the correct electric control sequence
  • Lubricate motors
  • Assess belts for tightness and wear
  • Check the accuracy of thermostat
  • Check for correct amount of refrigerant

Through a comprehensive inspection, any potential problems will be revealed and your technician can address them immediately. Even failing to do the most basic preventive maintenance, such as cleaning debris from your outdoor unit and covering it for the winter, can mean problems come spring.

Air Quality

Clean indoor air is of utmost importance, especially when the outdoor air can contain a variety of pollutants. That doesn’t mean your indoor air quality is perfect, which is why you need to perform end of season maintenance so that your indoor air is as clean and safe to breathe as possible. With winter on the way, it’s a good idea to prevent allergens that can irritate asthma and allergies, or cause even more serious health issues.

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