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What’s That Smell?

June 4th, 2018 by cverdone

Ideally, during the morning, you should wake up to the smell of pancakes and bacon as breakfast is being prepared for you. Immediately everyone in your family starts out the day with enthusiasm written all over their faces. All of this is initiated by the aroma of delicious food.

The atmosphere at home greatly impacts each inhabitant. It can affect their mood throughout the day or can cause their level of comfort to decline. This is why as a homeowner you simply shouldn’t ignore nuisances which are inconveniencing you and your loved ones. This includes a stench that has invaded your living space.

HVAC Stenches

Though bad odor in your house does not immediately imply that it’s coming from your HVAC, there are a number of possible scenarios that could cause your system to reek so its best to stay prepared and informed.

If this unpleasant smell can be found in every corner of the home then the problem could very well lie on your heating and cooling network. Given that it has vents spanning around the structure, air could be easily transported in any conceivable room.  

Dirty Socks

You must all be puzzled as you catch the scent of stinky socks wherever you go. Questions may be thrown as to who is responsible for having such an unhygienic lifestyle, to have their garments give out a stench so strong. Actually your HVAC might be the one needing a good cleaning.

Bacteria or molds developing in your ducts or evaporator coil of your AC are causing this smell. Their proliferation is due to excessive moisture inside. Aside from the fact that its irritating, this does not have negative consequences especially to one’s health except when someone is very sensitive due to a respiratory illness.

Rotten Eggs

Be alarmed when there’s a trace of rotten eggs in the air. Immediately open your windows and shut down all electrical appliances, and put out all open fires. Evacuate your home quickly and contact your gas company immediately.

This could be a potential gas leak. Although it’s normally odorless, manufacturers are required by the law to incorporate this scent into it as a warning method for homeowners. So never take this lightly.

Something’s Burning

If it seems like something is burning then you could be right. This could be your system overheating, or a wiring problem. Shut down its power via the breaker box. If the odor is getting stronger or continues, vacate your residence and contact the fire department.

To prevent things like this from happening always have a routine check-up done by your technician. This could help avoid going through possibly hazardous situations.

Always see to it that your network is cleaned. Rid it of vermins if any because in the event they pass away within your ductwork, its corpse could end up stinking up your place.

When investigating something in your system, it’s always best to call in the help of professionals to prevent from unintended damages to befall your system. Keep in mind that these people are trained specifically on handling such matters and are very much familiar with bad smells coming out of an HVAC. For assistance on finding out the source of that scent from your HVAC system, call Thornton Heating at (847) 905-1608.