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Tips to Keep Your Home Cool for July 4th

June 20th, 2019 by cverdone

Tips to Keep Your Home Cool

Many families across the country are celebrating Independence Day by holding parties and dinners, and they would love to make their home heat proof to make it more comfortable for their visitors. Those who do not have an HVAC system might resort to creative ways on how to cool their homes, and the following tips and tricks work out perfectly fine. With the help from our HVAC professional, this is how you can lower down the temperature inside your home in the middle of summer:

Close Your Window Blinds

Close down the window blinds to avoid letting the warm sunlight in. One of the main contributors in a home with a higher temperature would be open windows that let the sunlight in, making it really hot. Keeping the blinds closed, the temperature inside the room would be 30% cooler.

Block Out Sunlight

Using black curtains would make it cooler because it will automatically block the sunlight that would try to enter your home. If you have a combination of blinds and black curtains, it would be certain that the sunlight can no longer pass, making your home much cooler.

Opening Your Windows at Night

At night, cool air becomes more prevalent, and even without HVAC, you can capitalize on this air by opening the windows and trapping the cold air inside. You should also choose which doors should remain open and closed to capitalize on the cold air that came in during the night.

Utilizing Your Fan

You can emulate the flow of cold air using a bowl of ice and then putting it underneath a fan that blows air. The cold air will be distributed inside the room, making it colder. The cold breeze would capitalize on the cold temperature of the ice and it will be more comfortable using the room because of the cooler temperature that it generates.

Switch to Cotton Bedsheets

Try to replace your sheets with cotton to make it cooler. Fleece, on the other hand, would make it more uncomfortable to sleep during the summer because it makes the bed warmer.

Stay Hydrated

Hydrating your body regularly can help your body cool off. Drink plenty of water to cool off your body, because sometimes, the problem is not with the environment but with the heat being generated inside our body.

Use LED Lights

Stop using incandescent lights because it generates heat. 90% of the heat generated by an incandescent light bulb is being distributed inside the room. Instead, shift to LED lights and fill an entire room with this light.

Not only do these tips to keep your home cool for July 4th, they also help keep your air conditioning costs low. Call us at 847-905-1608 to speak with our HVAC professional at Thornton Heating.