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Ductless Cooling & Heating Solutions | Thornton Heating Service, Inc.

January 1st, 2017 by Darwilladmin

You may have already heard about the rave reviews that ductless cooling and heating technology has received. You are not sure if such great feedback is for real, but we bet you want to know more about it.

Ductless cooling and heating technology offers an alternative to traditional ducted systems. It is cost-effective, easy-to-install, and is energy-efficient. Why is this so? Its focus is on individual spaces rather than one whole centralized system.

It makes perfect sense, as you don’t really get to occupy all the rooms in your house at one time. So why do you need to heat up or cool the entire area constantly?

What is the ductless cooling and heating good for?

  • Rooms exposed to extreme temperatures
  • Additional rooms or extensions
  • Patios and sunrooms that are enclosed
  • Workshops or studios found in basement or the garage
  • Places with no ductwork space

Advantages of the Ductless System

  • The options for installation are flexible. You can opt for multi-zone or single zone applications.
  • For indoor units, you have the choice as to where you want the system to be installed. You don’t have to worry about aesthetic concerns.
  • Installation is easy for outdoor units.
  • Units come in different capacities.
  • Units are compact, thus easy to install.

We at Thornton Heating have the ductless cooling and heating solutions that your business or family needs. We know the importance of a secure system that will not break down, especially during that time you need it the most. For ductless solutions around Chicago, Thornton Heating Service is the one to trust!

This is why we offer extended warranties. You get to benefit from this in the long run because you will be able to manage your cost of operations. After all, your heating and cooling system works everyday for  you, at no fail. The extended warranties secure the comfort of your home and/or your business.

Four Reasons Why Extended Warranties are Important

  1. Nothing beats the peace of mind that extended warranties bring when it comes to the comfort of your family and your employees.
  2. Your equipment is covered, including labor.
  3. Planning your costs is easier, as you are always protected even during the rise of costs for labor, and even the equipment parts.
  4. Factory warranties will expire before the bulk of the equipment’s life span. Extended warranties secure you from this occurrence.

We are of course available when this unfortunate circumstance happens. But you would really rather have a reliable system all set up for you during the worst times in the summer or the winter seasons.  Invest and sign up for a Thornton Service Agreement today, and you will never have to worry about extreme weather conditions anymore.

Thornton Heating Service offers the best quality ductless systems and installations in the Chicagoland area. Call us today at 847-905-1608, and we will discuss your options. We will make sure the ductless system not only meets, but will also exceed your expectations.