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Thornton Can Provide and Service Your Humidifiers

December 1st, 2016 by Darwilladmin

Most of us think of humidity and immediately have a negative connotation about what it is. But what many do not realize is that we all need at least some humidity in the air we breathe. Too much humidity means results in that thick and steamy air most associate with the word humidity. But too little and the air becomes extremely dry.

A humidifier can help you deal with problems like allergies and asthma, and instead of emptying tissue boxes and popping allergy pills daily. If you manage to have a balanced humidity level inside your home, you will notice the difference. It will help clear the nasal passages which allows your body purge pollutants more easily.

Thornton Proudly Offers Exceptional Aprilaire Humidifiers

Thornton Heating proudly provides multiple brands of full home humidifiers to help improve the indoor air quality of your home, including excellent Aprilaire and Trane humidifiers. And with a humidifier implemented to work alongside your furnace and HVAC systems, you can experience exceptional comfort while your home benefits by maintaining humidity levels that prevent additional damage to things like hardwood floors, furniture, and items kept inside the residence.

Aprilaire whole-home humidifiers were originally introduced in 1954 as the first truly effective whole-home humidifier. Today, Aprilaire continues to lead the way in delivering whole-home humidity as well as Total Comfort solutions. And Aprilaire is the only manufacturer to offer fully automatic digital humidifier controls. So of course at Thornton Heating, we love to help customers discover what one of these humidifiers can do for their home.

Don’t Forget To Service Your Humidifier

Once a year a humidifier should be disconnected from the power and water sources. The water delivery system should be serviced to ensure peak performance. The water panel needs to be checked and serviced, and the drain line should be periodically cleaned or replaced if necessary.

You could potentially learn to do some of the maintenance yourself but we of course always recommend that you let the professionals at Thornton Heating come out. With a little maintenance and annual servicing, we can help you keep that humidifier operating efficiently for years.

Call Thornton For Help Today

There are many different humidifiers on the market. The key is finding one for your home and health needs. Depending on your condition – either asthma or allergies or both, as well as on the size of your home, you have a lot of different options. Plus, having fresh air is always great even if you don’t suffer from these health two conditions.  We all want to the feel comfortable and healthy in our own homes.

Our trained and experienced technicians provide superior installation of humidifiers, along with all of your indoor air quality needs. Make sure you are comfortable in your home all season long! Contact us today at 847-905-1608. Thornton Heating Services is ready to tackle your indoor air quality needs throughout the Chicagoland area. And we are always ready to provide exceptional service when working on all of your heating and air conditioning systems!