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Ameristar Furnaces

Built with value in mind, Ameristar furnaces warm your home with has heat during the winter and circulate cooled air in the summer, keeping you comfortable year-round.

Ameristar Furnace
80% Single-stage Furnace Upflow and Downflow
(Available Gas Company Only Rebate)

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Ameristar Furnace
95% Two-stage Furnace Upflow and Downflow
(Qualifies for Rebates from ComEd and Gas Company)

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Trane Furnaces

A smart decision. And a lot of warm, comfortable winters.

When it comes to heating and cooling homes, people view Trane equipment as the most reliable and longest lasting in the industry.* People expect more from a leader, and Trane delivers.

  • Winner of the Dealer Design Award presented by Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration NEWS, the industry’s leading trade publication, for the fifth year in a row.
  • Winner of the David Weekley Homes’ prestigious Partners of Choice Award for Service and Product Performance.

We take pride in every furnace we build. Because we build every furnace right. Inside your Trane 80 gas furnace you’ll find premium materials, time-tested designs and true craftsmanship. From zinc-coated screws to the precise angles of our fan blades, every innovative feature is there to give you more than you’re expecting. Which is exactly what you’d expect from a leader.


Trane XB80 Furnace
80% Single-stage Furnaces Upflow and Downflow
Models: XB80 and XR80

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Trane XL80 Furnace

80% Two-stage Furnaces Upflow and Downflow
Models: XL80 and XV80

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Trane XC80 Furnace

80% Communicating Furnaces Upflow and Downflow
Model: XC80

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Trane XB90 Furnace
95% Single-stage Furnaces Upflow and Downflow
Models: XB90 and XR90

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Trane S9X2 Furnace

95% Two-stage Furnaces Upflow and Downflow
Models: S9X2, S9V2 and XV95

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Trane XC95 Furnace

95% Communicating
Model: XC95

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