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Signs You May Need a New Heating System

October 15th, 2016 by Darwilladmin

The winter season has almost arrived so, Chicago people know to get ready for some bitter cold nights! But taking care of your health in such a season is also necessary. As we all know, when winter is at its peak, a heating system is a must in every home, office, and building.

Choosing the best heating system is difficult because quality matters as much as your buildings needs. If you already have a working furnace or boiler, then it’s important to provide maintenance and repair services to ensure your residence or business will be comfortable all winter long.

The question is, do you know when you need a new heating system? Maybe there are many signs warning you to replace your current heating system, but you are not aware of them. It’s better to take a serious look at your heating system now because a total failure during the winter may be your worst nightmare.

Don’t worry, here are some signs your furnace and heating system may be due for an upgrade in before the holidays.

Your System is Over 15 Years Old:

How old is your heating system? An average life expectancy for an older system is around 16 to 20 years. Many of advances in technology in recent years can lead to newer systems that can last longer with servicing. But if you are relying on a system or main unit that is over 15-20 years old, a new system would be smart.

Your System is Not Delivering Heat:

Have your family members complained about a lack of warmth the last few times you had to crank the heat up? If your heating system is not giving much heat anymore, then this is definitely a sign to at least make a call to Thornton Heating to find out what the cause is and if installing a new system makes sense.

Rising Bills of Heating System:

A small increase in your bills may not be something to stress over, but if your bill is climbing up or spiking anytime you use your heating system then something is wrong. A replacement or repair is needed and putting it off will only lead to larger problems. A new energy-efficient system can end up saving you hundreds each year on your bills.

Continuous Noises:

Is your furnace or boiler making some strange noises when you try to use it? The noise could be coming from a fan, radiator, or pipe which are breaking down. Now this often means some quick repairs and we can have your system running properly, but if ignored or the noises continue then it may mean serious components are no longer usable.

High Repair Costs:

One repair call a year is understandable if your system is starting to get up in age. But if you are having to deal with issues and broken parts regularly, it is likely time to start considering a new heating system. Spending for a new system may seem hard, but a broken system that is no longer usable will continue to incur additional costs and put you at risk.

Based in the Chicagoland area, Thornton Heating Service was established in 1959 as a family-owned, full-service heating and air conditioning company. We would be happy to set up an appointment to assess your heating situation and figure out how to keep you comfortable this winter. Contact us today to learn more about furnace repairs and installations at 847-905-1608. When the weather’s at its worst, we are at our best!