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Should I Repair Or Replace My HVAC Unit?

July 16th, 2018 by cverdone

One of the puzzles of owning an HVAC system is when you should repair and replace them. This is an important question to answer as the wrong choice could mean a waste of money. When coming to a decision, a homeowner needs to analyze different factors to come to a sound choice.

Rising Utility Expenses

When you seem to be shelling out more and more money over time for your electricity or gas (for those with gas furnaces), this could be a result of your system with worn out elements that are no longer efficient. During the lifespan of your HVAC this could incur damages as the wear and tear of its components accumulate gradually everytime it operates. This process could even hastened due to irresponsibly not having sufficient maintenance and cleaning. The build-up of grime and dirt may harm your heating and cooling by hindering airflow and destroying parts.

Many times this may be solved by getting it fixed and making the necessary purchases for brand new components. But when the repairs are becoming frequent you should consider upgrading your HVAC.

Old HVAC Systems

If properly taken care of, your equipment can last from 15 to 20 years. This is also quite practical as you are able to maximize and get the most out of what you spent for your units and pieces of your heating and cooling. Those that are not as disciplined, could have their systems lasting 10 to 15 years, but its demise could come even earlier especially if it is heavily used with no upkeep activities being done.

So as a homeowner,when your having complications with your HVAC and has served you from 10 to 20 years, then recall if you’ve been diligent enough to have your system serviced and cleared of dirt. If this does not hold true for you then it may be better to retire it and shop for new ones.

Inconsistent Temperature

If you haven’t set your thermostat to alter the temperature during certain periods of the day but you find that it isn’t always cold or hot enough, your HVAC may be too damaged to keep up. If this is the first of it then maybe a repair will do, but if you’ve had several already and it still persists then this is an indicator of a need for replacement. It may have seen better days where it provided better for your loved ones, but those might be over. Some may continue using it so as to avoid having to spend for an upgrade but be warned as this will cause your household discomfort and more expenses.

Get Help From A Professional

When looking to make the final conclusion whether to repair or replace, always consult with a respected professional. This individual has to have your well-being as a priority and not their profit. Seek those with good feedback from past customers. These people can advise you on the necessary repairs, or appropriate replacements that your Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning will need.

Deciding whether your HVAC unit needs to be fixed or junked for good is a tough call to make. When in doubt, bring in the experts to get the right assessment. Call us at Thornton Heating at (847) 905-1608 and we’ll promptly respond.