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Why Do I Need a Whole House Humidifier?

May 11th, 2016 by Darwilladmin

Whole House HumidifierAs summer approaches, this is a good time to think about making an addition to your home’s heating and cooling system. If you find yourself slathering on the lotion throughout the winter to combat dry skin or your throat is always dry and scratchy, you probably have low humidity levels in your home — at least in the cooler months of fall, winter and spring. Perhaps you place humidifiers in the bedrooms of your house to add humidity. However, this can be time consuming to continuously add water every day, turn the unit on and off, etc.


whole house humidifier presents many benefits, as it’s built right into your heating and cooling system. This unit introduces humidity in the form of water vapor into the air at the source — your heating ducts — and the level of humidity is monitored and controlled by your thermostat to ensure an even distribution of moisture, says Bob Vila. Benefits with a whole house humidifier include:


Because viruses love low-humidity environments, they can grow and proliferate, contributing to the flu, colds, and other respiratory ailments. When living in extremely dry environments, people can also succumb to infection, so it stands to reason that a bit more humidity in the air will reduce these health risks.

Energy Efficiency

You may be tempted to turn up the heat in the winter but it doesn’t always make you feel warmer. Instead, you can use the whole house humidifier to feel more comfortable at lower temperatures, yet without the need to fire up the furnace. The EPA says that for every degree you lower your thermostat, you’re saving 4% on your energy bills. In addition, by installing a whole house humidifier, you qualify for the National Association of Home Builders’ Green-Built Certification Program.

Ease of Installation

You may not think your home is compatible with such a system or that it would be too much work and expense to incorporate one into your existing system. However, whole house humidifiers can be added to either a new or an existing heating/cooling system. You can even install a unit if you have radiant or baseboard heating systems in your home.


You’ve likely experienced the symptoms of very dry air: flare-ups of asthma and allergies, sore throat, dry mouth and nose, and scaly skin. With a whole house humidifier, this is no longer an issue.


The presence of dry air can damage anything from hardwood floors and plaster to paint and furniture. It can also cause damage to artwork, electronics and musical instruments like guitars. Adequate and even humidity control throughout the home can combat these effects and prolong the life of these items.

What We Offer

Here at TDI Air, we make it easy to maintain proper humidity levels in your home so you can experience total indoor comfort all year round. We sell and install a variety of standard and steam humidifiers designed to deliver the right amount of moisture into the air. Our team only installs the very best products for long-lasting benefits, particularly Trane. We also offer Aprilaire and Nortec steam humidifiers if you want a product that boils water to create steam.

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