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Why Isn’t My Home Cooling Down?

July 17th, 2017 by cverdone

Your air conditioner is adjusted to the maximum level and yet, your house isn’t cooling down. The heat is rising but your AC is not able to cool your house. Why is it so? Why is your home not cooling down? Have you checked your AC unit yet? If not, it’s better to start looking into it right now in order to troubleshoot this problem.

Is There Insufficient Air Cooling?

If your air conditioner does not cool your home adequately, try decreasing your thermostat to five degrees. If the problem still exists after that, check your evaporator. Dirty evaporators are also a common cause for the inadequate air flowing within your AC unit. Clean the evaporators carefully and allow it to operate for several hours. If there’s still no change in the temperature, it could mean you purchased an improperly sized air conditioner for your room area.

Is Your AC NOT Cooling at All?

If this is your problem, start checking your thermostat first and make sure it functions properly. If nothing‘s wrong with the thermostat, then inspect your condenser coils for any dirt or grime buildup. Remove the blockage because it is one of the factors that makes your AC unit function inefficiently. If your air conditioner won’t work even after you have cleaned your condenser coils, then there must be something wrong with your refrigerant. Call a professional technician to inspect it.

Check Your Fan Blower Belt

Fan blower belts which have excessive slack, breakage, or damage can cause insufficient air flow which in turn can lead to ice formation. Once this happens, your AC unit will have a low cooling performance. Replace or repair the lower belt and let the ice melt first before you restart your AC unit.

Check the Outside of Your AC Unit

Grasses, leaves, dirt, and dust outdoors can cover your air conditioner, blocking the outside unit breathing room. Get rid of this debris. But if it is the outside which is not working, then call a professional to fix it for you.

Call for a Professional Service

There are certain things in our AC unit that should be handled by professionals only. When do you call for a professional service? After you evaluated everything from the power source, condenser coils, filters, evaporators, and cleanliness, yet your air conditioner remains dysfunctional, it is time to call for professional help. Request your professional HVAC contractor to perform a further evaluation in your AC unit.

Have you performed these basic steps and yet your problem is not yet solved? Reach out to Thornton Heating so we can help you with your concerns. You can call us at 847-905-1608 to talk to one of our professional HVAC experts. We’ll always be glad to assist you.