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HVAC Innovations You Need To Know

April 16th, 2018 by cverdone

Smart Thermostat

This era is the span of time where we have seen the most advancements technology in contrast to past phases in humanity. It’s amazing how in such a small time period, so many innovations, inventions, and discoveries have surfaced. Indeed, we are at the golden age of technology and many of us cannot complain due to the many benefits we gain from this.

These benefits have also spilled over to the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning sector. This news should make many homeowners happy as they find more options and more possibilities are made for making our residences more comfortable to live in.

Smart HVAC

With the cellphones now becoming “smart,” so are HVAC systems. This makes a variety of functions in a house accessible for control in one device. A smart thermostat keeps records the temperatures in different locations of your home, and can also keep tabs of electricity utilization. This way you can have an idea of the total energy consumption in your household, allowing you to take necessary steps to decrease it if needed.

Other thermostats also have control over the lighting and security features of your home. You can also have these smart HVAC systems linked to your smartphone so you control over your home is in the palm of your hand. Wherever you are in your home, a change can be made with the tap on a screen.

What about when your away from home? Make sure you get a wi-fi connected HVAC system. So as long as your mobile smartphone is connected to the web, you can make changes to your home and get notifications on its current situation. This makes for a truly automated residence.


For those who are extremely cautious when it comes to safety and to where there locations require for a more safe approach. Their is now an HVAC system that caters to this.

This certain HVAC is enclosed in a container that is specially engineered to increase safety, preventing the possibility of an explosion happening. They utilize non-arcing parts placed in a more compact, and light enclosure.

Motion Activated Air Conditioner

A big problem of many parts of their homes that receive cold or warm when there is no one present in that area to benefit of these. This means their is wasted energy. Now things might change as a dedicated team in MIT have come up with a motion-activated air conditioner.  This system makes use of sensors to pick up movement, and once this happens it automatically powers on.

This allows a decrease in electricity being squandered, and less wear and tear on the part of the air conditioner as it does not operate when needed.

Stay updated with the latest happenings breakthroughs in the field of heating, cooling and ventilation. Future innovations might just be what you and your family needs for a better and more comfortable home that could serve you better. Remember to always refer to HVAC specialists for inquiries on the latest technology and seek their guidance when looking to install these in your residence. Call for one from Thornton Heating at (847) 905-1608.