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How to Get The Most From Your AC This Year

April 1st, 2017 by Darwilladmin

Winter has gone and summer will be beating down upon us before you know it. The temperature’s going to rise to certain fiery degrees in the coming months and you will need to turn on your air conditioning units for cool air and ventilation. But, is your AC unit ready for use? Will provide efficient performance until the end of another season?

It is important to check the functionality of your HVAC system before you let it run regularly for year-long operation. Below are some informative tips to help you get the most from your air conditioning system throughout the season.

Inspect Your House

For satisfying benefits from your AC unit, inspect your home’s unit and around air ducts and vents for leaks. Make sure to invest on leak proof windows and doors so that the cool air will not escape. Most of all, your AC wouldn’t have to operate longer in order to cool down your surroundings.

If you’re using a window-type air conditioner, do not place them near the window where the sunlight directly penetrates into the home. Or if it can’t be helped, put a heat reflecting curtain so it will eliminate most of the heat. However, make sure that the curtain doesn’t get in the way of your AC unit or the cold air will polarize around your AC and freeze the system instead. A good airflow is required for your system to operate smoothly.

Ensure that your system has good insulation. Also, you can install dehumidifiers in order to lessen the effects of heat. However, when you are operating your AC unit, close all windows and unused doors, do not use your oven as it will emit heat and might force your AC to work harder in order to cool down the area and most of all, do not turn on your exhaust fans while running the AC.

Have Your System Evaluated

Have your AC unit checked to discover if it has minor defects or if it needs repairs. For example, if your AC unit is taking twice the amount of time to cool a normal room to an average temperature, check the fluids and lines for leaks. If you’re unsure where a problem is coming from, call the trusted HVAC professionals at Thornton Heating.

Regularly Maintain Your AC System

Regularly means seasonal or annual maintenance. It’s not necessary to have it checked every month. Have your filters cleaned or changed at least twice a month. Make sure your coil is not dirty occasionally. And have your AC examined thoroughly by your maintenance experts at Thornton Heating least once every year, especially before the summer.

Have a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat helps your life become more convenient. You don’t have to constantly operate and set the temperature to a certain degree every time you enter a particular area in your home. Aside from that, the best thing of having a programmable thermostat is that it helps you save more energy.

A programmable thermostat can operate the AC unit when it senses your presence around. When you’re gone from the residence, it will turn off the AC automatically which will help save more energy. For instance, you don’t have to worry about leaving home thinking about whether you have turned your AC down before you go. It is energy efficient and it will aid your AC in being functional longer to achieve its best performance.

Call The Pros At Thornton Heating

An AC unit that works well will let you get the most benefits out of it. You’ll enjoy a worry-free season and you won’t have to worry about any unexpected system breakdown in the midst of certain weathers where you need it the most.

Many minor problems that cause improper functioning or inefficiency from your A/C unit can be handled on your own. For problems that can’t be easily resolved or if you want to leave the work to professionals, Thornton Heating Services will be happy to help Chicagoland area residents keep their air conditioning systems running all through the hot and humid summer. Call 847-905-1608 today!