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Furnace Troubleshooting in Buffalo Grove Home

March 5th, 2015 by Brian Starck

furnace troubleshootingOh, no. You came home from work to your home in Buffalo Grove and the furnace isn’t working. The temperature is dropping, and you’re afraid the pipes will freeze if you can’t get it working again quickly. What do you do?

Before you call for professional help, here are some troubleshooting tips you can try.

1. Check the blower fan switch. If the switch is in a prominent location, it could get bumped or otherwise accidentally flipped to the off position by someone passing by. If the blower fan is turned off, the system won’t run.

2. Look at the thermostat. Most programmable ones need the batteries replaced occasionally. Also, make sure that it is set to the desired temperature. It may have been reset to a lower temperature by someone else, making the house feel uncomfortably cold.

3. For an oil furnace, check the amount of oil in your tank. If you have run out of oil, you can usually buy a few gallons of diesel to get the system running again until oil can be delivered. The system may need to be primed before you can get it running again. If you need assistance to get your system primed, contact Thornton Heating.

4. Press the reset button, if your furnace has one. Most furnaces do have a reset button somewhere, so look at your unit and see if you can find one. It should be labeled. Press the button and see if that turns the system back on.

5. Check the circuit breaker. Sometimes the circuit will trip for an unknown reason, causing the system to shut off. If your breaker box shows a tripped circuit, flip it to the off position and then back on. This should reset the circuit and the system should turn back on.

6. Change the filter. If it’s been more than the time specified, usually 30 or 90 days, the filter could be dirty enough to make the system shut off. Once you change the filter, the system should return to normal functioning within a few minutes.

7. For gas furnaces, check that the pilot light hasn’t gone out. You may have to relight the pilot according to the furnace manufacturer’s directions. Do not attempt to relight the pilot if you are unsure of the proper procedure. Call Thornton Heating if you need assistance to relight your pilot safely and correctly.

8. The gas valve may be closed. If you know how to open it correctly, do so. Otherwise, get professional assistance.

If you have tried these simple fixes and can’t get the furnace running again, it’s time to call your technician at Thornton Heating Service Inc. The technician can check all the internal parts of the furnace and figure out why it isn’t running. Simple repairs can be made in a matter of minutes, and major repairs will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Thornton Heating Service Inc. is well-equipped to handle all of Buffalo Grove’s heating repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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