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Eliminating The Bugs From Your HVAC Unit

August 15th, 2018 by cverdone

Cleaning Air Ducts

An important part of a home, which is the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is responsible for keeping temperatures at comfortable levels, despite how intolerable the situation outside may be. This allows for your family to have a pleasant and relaxing stay in your own residence.

What if though creatures may find your HVAC to be an ideal place to inhabit? It may be nice when your able to help others out but the presence of bugs and insects in your system might be harmful to both your loved ones and your heating and cooling equipment. This means that it’s best to evict these residents of your HVAC or better yet not have them there in the first place.

Removing Bugs And Insects

These may be important for the ecosystem but having these could bring allergens that could end up being brought into the living spaces of your house. The particles that are produced or carried by these may cause respiratory illnesses or could trigger asthma attacks. Bad odors could very much accompany them so they could stink up your home which is not at all desirable and could be very embarrassing when entertaining guests. These may also end up damaging your components and costing you money on repairs and replacements.

So that they don’t pose as big of a threat, it’s important that these are removed immediately. The best way this is done is to have a professional clean out your system. Especially if these things get deep into segments of your network where expert care and skills are needed to get the job done. Make sure you hire a reputable and well-respected company for this though because if this is not done properly, there still might be vermins left within the problem could very well happen again.


Once these pests are gone, or if you’ve never had any to begin with but want to avoid this from happening to you, then you should take measures to keep them out. Take note that you shouldn’t spray pesticide into your ducts or any other bit of your system as it may be cause your family to become sick, not to mention its scent isn’t really something most would find lovely.

Seal Holes

Patch up those gaps on your system that shouldn’t be there, especially your vents as these may develop holes in time depending on the what these are made of. Use the appropriate sealants such as mastic, and not just any kind of adhesive.

Keep Vegetation At A Minimum

Make sure to mow your grass outside and not have too many plants as it may attract a lot of bugs and insects which will increase the chances of finding some in your HVAC.

Routine Clean

Have a schedule in place where you clean your HVAC system routinely every two to three years. Aside from the benefit of getting rid of dust and debris, you may also purge it of possible infestations that you never knew was there.

Now that you know how to keep these crawlies out, know that you shouldn’t always exterminate them if they in no way constitute any danger to anyone. Leave them be when they are in there natural habitats. When they’re posing as harm or nuisance to your family, call Thornton Heating at (847) 905-1608. We’d love to help you.