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Why Duct Cleaning Is Necessary For Chicago Homes

February 1st, 2017 by Darwilladmin

Air pollution does not only happen outdoors. There is another type that you should definitely worry about, and that is indoor pollution. In Chicago, where all four seasons affect how air filters are maintained in homes, this can become a serious problem.

This is why air ducts in your home need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. The fact is, like anything in your house, your ducts can get really dirty over time.elow are several of the many reasons why you need to do duct cleaning on a regular basis.

Below are several of the many reasons why you need to do duct cleaning on a regular basis.

1. Molds

Moisture in the air can pave way for microbiological growth, mold in particular. The presence of mold in your home can be hazardous to your family’s health. The spores that the molds release into your living space can be deadly especially if you have family members who have certain health conditions or are allergic in general.

Always remember that dirt, animal dander, and dust are considered nutrients for molds to form. Your ductwork is responsible for breeding these if they are not cleaned well.

2. Diseases

If your air ducts are contaminated, you make your family more prone to certain diseases. Legionnaires, strep, salmonella, and many other types of diseases can spread through contaminated air. You don’t want to endanger your family’s health.

3. Indoor Air Pollution

Did you know that indoor air has been found to be more polluted than outdoor air?  This is according to The Environmental Protection Agency. Air quality is really important just because this air that you breathe is what gets into your lungs.

If your air quality is bad, the quality of your life gets affected. Contamination is a lot quicker through the air, so you need to make sure the passageway of air is always clean.

4. Dirty ducts ruin flow of your system

Your entire HVAC system gets compromised if your air duct is dirty.  Did you know that your system can run more efficiently if your ducts are clean? It would be best if debris and other dirt are removed from the mechanical components of your system. Remember, clean systems function better than dirty ones.  

5. Energy Costs

When your system is dirty, it does not function well. This means that it needs to work harder. And if it does work harder, it requires more energy to function. More energy means more cost. So starting today, you may want to pay more attention to regular maintenance of your system.

More than these reasons, you want to consider the people who live in your home. The occupants are the most important factor in this equation. Others are more sensitive than others, but it is better safe than sorry. Call the professionals at Thornton at 847-905-1608 and make sure those ducts get cleaned!